OPD Complex

The OPD complex on the 11th floor of Symbiosis Speciality Hospital is one of the finest, most technologically gifted, most spacious, and most hygienic OPDs in the city.

There are enough seating arrangements available for patients and their families to have a comfortable seat at our OPD clinic.

Top doctors, surgeons, and specialists that provide you with the best medical advice and treatments visit our OPD clinic for consulting patients. Our nurses and staff help take care of patients admitted on our 11th floor.

Our angiography Longue and radiology Longue have one of the best views of the city, with comfortable beds, lunch, breakfast, and dining facilities for our patients. The staff of nurses takes true care of every patient on the 11th floor.

Finally, we have in-house doctors that provide medical consultations to patients, specialty clinics are on our 11th floor that doctors visit regularly. You can book an appointment with one of our Symbiosis consultant doctors and visit the doctor on our 11th-floor OPD complex for medical consultations and treatments.