Dr. Sean Gallagher

Symbiosis Speciality Hospital proudly welcomes Dr. Sean Gallagher, a renowned cardiology specialist all the way from Cardiff. Dr. Sean Gallagher is the director of interventional cardiology at University hospital of Wales, Cardiff.

Dr. Sean specializes in the intricate management of complex coronary conditions through interventional procedures. Notably, he collaborated with Dr. Ankur Phatarpekar and the skilled cath lab team at Symbiosis Speciality Hospital to successfully perform a complex angioplasty procedure. Finally Dr. Ankur Phatarpekar and Dr. Amit Patil greeted Dr. Sean Gallagher with a bouquet.

Dr. Sean Gallagher’s visit to Symbiosis Speciality Hospital marks the seventh occasion an renowed international cardiology expert has graced us with his presence.

Prior to Dr. Gallagher, esteemed cardiology professionals such as Dr. Ziad Ali, Dr. Elvin Kedhi, Dr. Giulio Guaglium, Dr. Takashi Akasaka, Dr. Pierfrancesco Agostoni, and Dr. Nawzad Saleh have graced our institution with their presence.

This serves as a testament to the dedication and excellence of the entire Symbiosis team, solidifying our reputation as one of Mumbai’s premier healthcare establishments.

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